Session 7: “Stagecraft”

This session will ask you to think about the ways that play texts are transformed into staged productions – how a written play becomes a physical performance. We will:

- Consider different elements of STAGECRAFT including setting, props, costumes, casting and stage directions
- Consider the relationship between the playwright and the director
- Read a scene from a play and then think about how you would stage it


The session will focus on an extract from Rory Mullarkey’s (2012) play The Grandfathers, which is a visceral, physical and fast-paced play about training young people to fight through compulsory national service. You can download the extract from the bar on the right.


Watch an extract from Bristol Old Vic Young Company’s production of The Grandfathers. You can also watch this session’s interview montage, where the playwrights talk about why and how metaphor can be used successfully in dramatic writing, and discuss some of the theatrical metaphors by other writers they’ve found most successful.

The Grandfathers.

Written by Rory Mullarkey. Directed by Jesse Jones.
Performed by the Bristol Old Vic Young Company in association with St Brendan’s Sixth Form College.
Produced by Rachael Crosbie, St Brendan’s Sixth Form College and John Retallack, Bristol Old Vic.



Extract from The Grandfathers
by Rory Mullarkey

© Rory Mullarkey

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