Finding Your Story

Session 1: “What story do you want to tell?”

Welcome to the first session of the New Views playwriting competition.

On this page you can download the course programme for the session, watch playwrights responding to this session’s area of study, download extracts from plays you’ll be studying, and listen to them being performed by actors.


This session looks at finding your story.  Why do you want to write it?  Why is important to tell this story now?  And why is theatre the best forum for telling your story? We will:

- Explore your thoughts about the world around you and how you consume informaiton
- Work out how writers use argument and persuasive language to get their point across.
- Write a political speech


The texts examined in this session are The Effect by Lucy Prebble, and Moira Buffini’s play Welcome to Thebes. You can download short extract from the plays, and you can also listen to the extracts being performed by actors.


In this session’s film, playwrights from the National Theatre explain why they think theatre and politics are so closely connected, and talk about the news stories and personal experiences that first inspired them to write plays.

Trigger Warning for the below video: Racial Slurs; Racist Language

The audio recording of The Effect was performed by:

Olivia Vinall Dr James
Jonathan Bailey Toby

© Lucy Prebble, The Effect
Reproduced with permission from Bloomsbury Methuen Drama


The audio recording of Welcome to Thebes was performed by:
Lara Rossi Megaera
Alex Vlahos Scud
Simon Coombs Miletus


Welcome to Thebes
First published in 2010
by Faber and Faber Limited
All rights reserved © Moira Buffini, 2010
All rights whatsoever in this work are strictly reserved.
Finding Your Story

The Effect by New Views

The Effect by New Views

Welcome to Thebes by New Views

Welcome to Thebes by New Views